Missed Conceptions (work in progress)

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Missed Conceptions is my personal story of becoming a pregnant detective on a mission to uncover and expose my own chemical exposure during nine intense months and beyond. I use this story as a way to illustrate the current pandemic of everyday environmental toxins, their effects on reproductive health and their role in creating the now household term “endocrine disruption.” As I turn my lens on the most venerated and vulnerable population – pregnant women and their unborn babies, starting with myself – I offer a unique perspective; my mom’s unexplained cancer twenty years ago serves as an emotional backdrop and cautionary memory that informs my outlook and choices around chemical exposure.


Overtly, this film is about chemicals and modern life, about consumers and corporate responsibility (or lack thereof), about greed and failed government regulation. But on a deeper level it poses questions about denial and passivity –  the denial each of us must embrace in order to function in a world of 80,000 registered but untested chemicals; and the passivity of Americans in contrast to consumers in other countries who demand greater accountability from their regulatory bodies. This film will be a call to action on pragmatic, personal and political levels at a moment in time when consumers are picking their heads up out of the sand and recognizing they have the power to fight back against unsafe corporate practices endangering their children’s and their own health.